Endocrinology and Metabolism Office of Dr. Stephen M. Damiani


Thank you for your visit today to the web-site for the Endocrine Office of Dr. Damiani.


This site is designed to help you prepare for your visit, with practical matters. You will be assisted in locating the office, contacting the office, and it will provide other useful information, in preparing for your visit here. You will find additional helpful material such as a calendar for appointments, glucose meter logs and medication lists. The site is constantly evolving, so your input is also appreciated.


It is impossible to provide all of the potential answers that you may have about the practice, and should you have a question not answered here, do not hesitate to let us know. We are happy to serve you.

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Visiting your physician, like visiting any other professional, requires preparation before doing so. It is our hope the this web site helps to stream line what you will need before each visit, and in so doing, will  make your visit more pleasant and organized.