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Endocrinology and Metabolism Office of Dr. Stephen M. Damiani

Endocrine Followup

For the endocrine disorder that you have being managed, the follow-up examination always involves exchange of important current information including:

  • Current medication list

  • New radiological information

  • New consultations

  • New laboratories

  • Up to date data logs

You will be asked before your appointment commences if we need to assist you to locate this information. Knowing ahead of time what is needed will assist us to help you with this information.


The follow-up visit is often associated with conclusions as to the optimization and therapeutics of your endocrine care. Often, but not always, it will include prescriptions, so it is also important that you are cognizant of your pharmacy, in the event that an e-prescription, or pharmacy telephone contact is necessary. 

Below you will find a sample medication list, which you can click on, and copy to your

browser, should you need one.