Endocrinology and Metabolism Office of Dr. Stephen M. Damiani

Consultation Visit

This is generally your first visit to the office and it involves two major areas of concentration. First, you will need to complete the paperwork needed to establish you as one of Dr. Damiani's patients. Secondly, you will be seen by the physician, and the medical consultation will occur.


It is advisable that you arrive at least one half hour to forty five minutes before the scheduled appointment to complete the following:


  • Primary Care Assignment Form


  • Patient Registration Form


  • Appointment Policy Form


  • Advance Beneficiary Notice Form


  • Practice Financial Policy Form


  • Insurance Policy Form


  • HIPPA Policy Form


Additional paperwork may be necessary. Please remember to bring your insurance information, and a photo identification. If you have copies of recent medical records, these would also be helpful. Always bring a complete copy of your medications and allergies list. The office staff will assist you with all of these issues.


Once completed, the consultation will occur. You can expect it to last forty-five to sixty minutes, with detailed medical evaluation. The office will assist, again, with further investigation, including laboratory and radiological evaluation. If additional consultative appointments are needed, the office will also assist you in scheduling these. Finally, you will be given a follow-up appointment.